New Seizure Policy for Significant Undervaluation of Commercial Goods in the Courier Low Value Shipment (CLVS) Program

Customs Notice 15-002

04 Feb, 2015 & Posted by : Admin

Canada Customs has issued Notice 15-002 relating to the under-valuation of commercial goods imported into Canada through the Courier Low Value Shipment Program. Should the findings of the CBSA determine that the shipment appraisal is considerably undervalued, seizure action may be taken under the exporters name. Canadian importers will be informed and may take action to protect the interest of the goods.

We advise all clients to review valuation requirements with their vendors and shippers, highlighting the importance of accurately indicating content information on all shipping documentation. In the case where "no charge" is applicable, such as samples or gifts, fair market values must be used and should be indicated as such.

Notice 15-002 is available on the CBSA website: